Observation while driving is important. In fact, it is vital to avoid an accident and even death.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Spiderman

Yes – driving is a lot of responsibility – and you will need to be alert for the whole journey. But, with the proper consideration, driving can be a liberating adventure!

Where to look when driving

Watch out!

The number one cause of road accidents in the UK is both drivers and riders failing to look properly. You read that correctly; failing to look is responsible for more accidents than slippery roads, poor manoeuvres, and many other things that your driving instructor warned you about.

With the above in mind, where exactly should you look when driving? Well, according to The Highway Code, there are a number of visual habits you should develop:

  • Use your mirrors regularly so that you’re always aware of what is around you. 
  • Before moving off, changing lanes, overtaking, and in situations of uncertainty, check your blind spots thoroughly. Click here to learn more about the blind spot.
  • Check windows, mirrors and blind spots, to stay aware of other road users. 
  • Look out for vulnerable cyclists and motorcyclists that may be filtering through traffic, or around a corner, and harder to see.

In addition to the above, in situations of poor visibility, it may be helpful to take advantage of nearby reflective surfaces: shop windows, parked car windows, etc. And in some cases, where it’s safe to do so, the best option could be to get out of the car and look.

Where not to look when driving

You probably already have a good idea of where not to look when driving. But occasionally, it’s worth refreshing your memory.

You should not be looking at your:

  • Phone
  • Passenger
  • Radio
  • Anything that’s not part of driving safely to your destination

Of course, once you safely reach your destination, all of the above is fair game. 

And if, while driving, you find yourself tempted by a wonderful distraction, just ask, “Is this worth increasing the risk of an accident or even death?”.

The answer is no – always no.

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