You may have read an earlier blog where we discussed the increased dangers of driving when the clocks strike back – if so you should be up to speed with some tips and tricks to help you to drive more safely in wintery conditions.

When thinking of driving in extreme weather conditions at this time of year, naturally you would think of heavy snow, hail or torrential rain. However, for our second blog post to help you drive through the winter we are going to focus on the difficulty which can be caused by the sun’s glare.

You may (or may not) be familiar with the feeling of having to close your eyes or squint to avoid the sun’s glare, particularly when the sun visor in your car just isn’t quite helping. Neither of these are safe to do whilst you drive but can be unavoidable under the circumstances.

In the winter glare is particularly dangerous as the sun is at its lowest in the mornings, usually at a time when the roads are busy with commuters. Accompanied with other extreme weather conditions, such as ice, this proves the need to be especially careful when driving. Here are a few tips to help you:

Reduce your speed

By taking caution with your speed you can avoid the need to brake suddenly. It also means that you have more time to assess the area around you and react more efficiently if you need to. Remember, speed limits are a maximum and that doesn’t mean that you are required to drive at that speed if you don’t feel it is safe to do so.

Wear sunglasses

In conditions where the sun is low, sometimes even a sun visor can’t reach. At times like this it is always useful to keep a pair of sunglasses with you. Always remember to remove your sunglasses in tunnels, even if they appear to be lit up well.

Be more aware of other road users

Other drivers will also be suffering from the effects of the sun’s glare. Be vigilant by increasing the distance between yourself and other road users. Be wary of pedestrians and cyclists as they will be harder to spot.

Make sure your windscreen is clean

With your view being obstructed already and vision limited by glare, it won’t help if you have dirty windscreens that further obscure your view. Regularly check your washer fluid and ensure your screen is kept free of dirt and stubborn marks.