Why should you stay in the UK this summertime?


Guide to the best spots and types of holidays available on our doorsteps


What is better than the Great British summertime?

Not much. But still, thousands upon thousands of us choose to travel each year to distant shores, to soak up the sun and grab some culture – however this year is obviously a little different.

Unfortunately global travel is very limited this year – yes, that does mean that your Instagram may suffer. But why should you let this suppress your inner desire to travel.

While the UK may not have the same clear-blue seas as Bali, the diverse wildlife found in the Amazon or the scorching suns of the Middle East – we do have our own natural wonders to embrace.

We take a look at some of the best reasons to consider a staycation this summer:


  1. Money

What is amongst the biggest faffs of travelling abroad? Getting your currency converted – either you have to go round to each store, searching for the best deal, or you completely forget, and spend extortionate amounts at the ATM in your country of choice.

Either way – holidaying in the UK can spare you this chore, and let you focus on forgetting other stuff (like sun cream).

Additionally, you may also be able to save yourself money on flights, transfers and food – as well as stays at 5-star resorts.

But don’t think you have to compromise – if you still want your 5-star luxuries here in the UK, there will be more than one hotel along our coasts willing to facilitate your every desire.

Overall, this should cost you a lot less overall, allowing you to splurge on other things (like a new car).


  1. Time

Have you ever been put off travelling because of horrific flight times or in-direct routes which seem to always feature a well-sprung delay to top you off?

Of course you have.

A crucial benefit of not leaving the UK is that we benefit from being a rather small band of nations, thus meaning we can seamlessly travel from one side of the UK to the other, without need for an airplane.

Whether you choose to travel from North to South, East to West, or any other variation, the time spent travelling should be a lot less than travelling abroad.

Also, you won’t have to bother with ridiculously early set-offs, unless you’re into that weird stuff.


  1. Pets

Have you ever felt immense sadness as you drive away from your beloved pet, to go to a luxury resort?

Bringing your prized pooch to your latest holiday hot spot can often bring with it, a logistical nightmare for all those involved – not to mention lots of stress on your pet.

But have no fear, the UK is here.

Travelling around Britain with your pet could not be easier – just make sure they are properly restrained in the car.


  1. Internet

Gone are the days of limited internet connection in some countries – today, it seems as though the whole world has access to the internet.

But unfortunately, on many networks, and in many countries, fees still exist for using your data – which are often charged extortionately.

While you may seek a break from social media on your holiday – travelling within the UK will allow you to connect to the internet (almost) anytime you want, and any data used charged at the standard rate by your provider.


  1. Luggage

Does travelling abroad force you to make difficult decisions on the types of outfits to pack, the number of shoes you should take or sacrificing your favourite perfume to save space?

Travelling around the UK will often mean that you can bring (almost) unlimited amounts of items with you, depending on the size of your car, of course.

Although do note, you will not be able to purchase the option to bring more luggage – that is unless you buy a roof rack.

Check out our blog for perfectly packing your car.


  1. Finding the perfect spot

We all have the perfect idea of what a holiday should be like. But what about if you were able to discover that here in the UK?

Ready to visit whenever you feel like it – instead of saving up money and jumping on a flight.

Whether the white Dover cliffs capture your heart or the rich history of York leave you yearning for more, what better reason is there to explore?

This will not be for everyone – those influencers out there won’t want to clog up their feed with the same images, but finding your perfect spot in the UK can be an absolute blessing.

Go out there and find your oasis.


What type of holiday should you choose?

Do you prefer hiking up hills to catch a glimpse of the early morning sunrise? Grabbing your surfboard to hit the waves? Or maybe you love to wake up late and lounge by the pool?

Whichever category you fall into, the UK can happily accommodate all your holiday desires.

It is important to mention that currently hotels and many destinations may be subject to Covid-19 guidelines and unable to open their doors until given the green light by the Government.

These will be the final phase of the easing of lockdown rules, expected to return in July – subject to conditions being met, to ensure a second wave of the virus sweeping the world is under control. So please check to avoid disappointment.

If you have a camper van, holiday home, tent or manage to find a suitable holiday rental, then take a look at the below recommendations to find the perfect destination this summer, for all of your needs:


Beach Holiday

Fortunately we have some stunning scenery here in the UK, and as long as you are willing to embrace the freezing temperatures of the waters.

We also have some of the best surfing beaches in Europe and sometimes, just sometimes – we get some sun.

Check out the top 15 beaches in the UK, here.


Sightseeing Holiday

As we have mentioned, the UK is home to some extraordinary scenery – but choosing a destination where you can go and explore the land is important for those budding adventurers.

Check out some of the best destinations for anyone seeking exploration.


Activity Holiday

Do you love playing in mud? Perhaps you are most tranquil riding your bike down steep slopes, with the breeze in your hair?

Fortunately you are in the right place – the UK has an abundance of mud and steep hills.

Find out some of the best destinations now – click here.

*Disclaimer: These holidays often require a lot of energy. Check out the next type of holiday if this doesn’t sound right for you.


Luxury Holiday

If Champagne, personalized bath robes and fancy meals do it for you, then look no further than your front door – British hospitality is renowned worldwide.

Why? Because we know how to create that luxurious feel.

So, jump in your car and indulge yourself in opulence.

Here are a few prestigious hotels opening their doors next month.


Family Holidays

You may be yearning to go on an activity holiday, or laze by the beach – but the family dynamic often means that we all have to make sacrifices to ensure that all members can have the best possible time.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream beach holiday, but you may also have to drive to new-found adventures to satisfy the needs of your youngsters.

Click here to find out the top 10 family holiday destinations now.



The summer of 2020 may be tainted by the upsurge of Covid-19, but do not let this ruin your summer plans.

It just means that we may need to look a little closer to home to get any semblance of a summer holiday.

Hopefully we have convinced you of the benefits of staying in the UK this year, and opened your eyes to new destinations. So jump in your car and head towards relaxation today.