insurethebox gives much needed peace of mind for new drivers

There’s nothing like the thrill of independence that throwing away the L-plate and getting the keys to your first car brings.

But for the parents of new young drivers, that thrill is usually matched by a very real fear. Will they avoid any distractions – in and outside the car; will they drive below the speed limit; will they know how to cope with changing weather conditions or driving in the dark?

insurethebox, a winner in the 2019 FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards, helps young motorists monitor their driving and earn rewards for good driving.

The pocket-size black box, fitted under the bonnet free of charge*, works out how safely the customer is driving, analysing things like their speed, the time of day they drive and how they accelerate or brake.

The box can also track the location of the car if it’s stolen – insurethebox theft recovery rate is 90%**!

Driving alerts.
A personal online portal helps drivers learn what will make them safer on the road, as well as alerting them to the bad driving habits to avoid.

Rewards for safe driving.
By driving smoothly and under the speed limit, drivers can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles per month, and bring down the cost of their premium at renewal.

Accident Alert.
The black box can sense a strong impact to the car, sending out an alarm. A service agent will try to call to check everything’s OK.

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*Unless the policy is cancelled and a black box has already been fitted.
**Jan-Dec 2018