So you’re nearing your driving test. Feeling nervous? That’s natural. We’ve all been there, so we understand that you’re feeling a little anxious. The best thing for you to do now is to get as much practice as possible. Prepare yourself for every situation you might be put in.

There are a few things in particular we’d suggest to prepare for the big day:

Go back over your theory

Know your stuff. Spend some time with a friend or by yourself just going over anything you might encounter on your test. It might have been a while since you passed your theory, so take the time to get a grasp on what road signs mean and what you should do in certain situations. To get an idea for what you might come across in your test it would be a good idea to talk to your instructor.

Prepare for possible routes

Visit ‘Driving Test Tips’ to find a number of routes used at your local test centre. They are slightly dated, but will be similar if not identical to the routes used now. It would be a good idea to look through each of the routes and ask your instructor if you can practise some of them.

Practise makes perfect

Go over anything you aren’t feeling confident on, whether it’s driving on the dual carriageway or parallel parking, just take the time to make sure you’re comfortable with it for your test. You can go out with a parent or guardian, or use your driving lesson time to go over things you think you need to practise. Get used to your area and become comfortable behind the wheel.

Don’t put yourself under too much pressure

All drivers have to start somewhere, and they’ll remember the nerves they felt when taking their test. Your friends and family will understand how nerve wracking it is, and remember it’s certainly not the end of the world if you fail. You’ll be able to take it again when you have more confidence and experience. If it helps, perhaps don’t tell anyone you’re taking the test, or maybe just tell someone you really trust. This might help to relieve some pressure, as you won’t feel like you’re letting someone down, which likely isn’t the case anyway.

Warm up and mental preparation

When taking the test, you’ll have a 10 minute drive to warm up but it might be a good idea to go for a drive with your instructor beforehand to warm up properly. Give yourself time to relax, and try to get into a positive mindset, so that you are able to drive to the best of your ability.

Get to know the vehicle

Are you taking the test in your car? If so, make sure you’re going out and practising in this car. Take your lessons in it, and go out with a parent/guardian. Get to know your car. It’s much better to take the test in a car you feel comfortable in, and it’ll benefit you when you have your licence to already know how your car works.

Tips for the day

We’d suggest getting a good night’s sleep the night before. Make sure you’re properly hydrated, and have eaten. You don’t want to go into your test with an empty stomach. Dress comfortably and remain as relaxed and calm as you possibly can. It might also be a good idea to get to the test centre early to ensure you get enough time to check in, use the toilet and relax. Take some deep breaths and take your time getting into the car. Drive as smoothly as possible. Also, make sure you’re prepared and have glasses (if necessary) and all the paperwork.

Now it’s time to get your driving licence. Let us know how you get on, and feel free to give the other learners any tips that helped you prepare for your driving test.