#SaveKidsLives is the worldwide campaign for the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week. It aims to save children’s lives on global roads by:

  • Highlighting the plight of children on the roads
  • Generating worldwide action to promote the safety of children on the roads
  • Appealing for the inclusion of safe and sustainable transport in the post-2015 development agenda.

The week features hundreds of events hosted by governments, international agencies, civil society organizations, and private companies across the world. You can find out what events are taking place in the UK here.



Around 186,300 children under 18 years die from road traffic crashes annually. Younger children are more vulnerable in traffic than adults as they are limited by their physical, cognitive and social development. Their small build also makes them more difficult to be seen by other drivers.

Children in the world’s low- and middle-income countries are at a much higher risk – rates of road traffic death are three times higher in developing countries than in developed countries. It is often the case that these countries do not always have methods in place to help more vulnerable road users, such as pedestrian crossings, cycle paths, speed humps and speed limit enforcement.

Take a look at the #SaveKidsLives animation here:



How can I get involved?



Find out more on the campaign’s official website.