We take a look at how a second UK lockdown will affect driving lessons and tests


Unless you are living underneath a rock – you will have heard that the UK will be going into a second nationwide lockdown from 5th November to 2nd December 2020.

Restrictions on movement and travel are set to be imposed, meaning that certain services will not be available until a time where they are deemed safe to resume.

But the question on the lips of learner drivers from around the UK is ‘How will this affect me?’.

We take a look at what will happen to tests and lessons during lockdown, and what is likely to happen after this period.


What does a second lockdown mean for driving tests?

As you may have guessed – similar to the previous lockdown, driving tests will be suspended in England from Thursday 5 November until Tuesday 2 December 2020.

While it has been announced that the Government hope to lift these restrictions by this date, the outlook for learner drivers is long delays for tests and lessons, when they begin to resume after 2nd December.

Following the first national lockdown, there was an unprecedented demand for both these commodities – however, driving centres have done a great job at meeting this demand, so while you may have to wait for some time to sit in the driver’s seat, we hope it will be lesser than previously.


What does a second lockdown mean for theory tests?

Unfortunately, with the current restrictions in place, it will not be possible to take your theory test until guidance changes from the Government, likely to restart on 2nd December 2020, if this lockdown goes to plan.

These restrictions may last longer in certain regions where the threat of Coronavirus is far greater – when the UK transitions from a nationwide lockdown, to a more localised, regional lockdown.

So, keep your ears peeled for the latest news in your area.

But for now, if you are waiting to take your driving theory test, then use this time to revise and help yourself pass next time around.


Will driving lessons continue during lockdown?


Along with driving tests, driving lessons will not be allowed to resume until after 2nd December 2020.

We would urge all learner drivers taking their tests to talk to their instructor – they can help to re-arrange lessons going forward, and talk you through a few options for when it’s safe to resume lessons and tests.

But, can you still drive on the roads if a family member or guardian has insured you on their car?

While there is no official guidance for this, the Government has outlined that you should not make non-essential trips, until after the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

However, if a parent or household member needs to go to the supermarket, or to another essential location between now and 2nd December 2020 – you could definitely offer to drive them there, although the downside is that you’ll likely have to wait in the car.


When can I book my driving test again?

There is very little guidance on when learner drivers will be available to take their driving tests next – we know that restrictions will be lifted on 2nd December (may be subject to change), but very little has been said on when the booking system will re-open, to allow driving tests to be pencilled in.

If you are waiting to take your theory test currently – we recommend revising key topics that feature in the test. Hopefully you can use this additional time to make sure that you pass first time round.

Take a look at our best tips for passing your theory test, here.

But, if you are waiting to take your driving test, things will be slightly different. If you do not have a family member to teach you, and a vehicle to use – then you may not be able to get back behind the wheel for a little while. This time does not have to be wasted though – you can always watch videos, re-acquaint yourself with driving test reading materials to keep your mind focus, and ready to take your test when they resume.


What will happen if I have already booked my test?

The suspension of driving tests across the UK will mean that you are no longer able to take your test on the date booked.

But, you may have already guessed this – but what you will want to know is whether your test will be re-scheduled going forward.

The DVSA have announced that they will be emailing everyone with a test booked in England to let them know their test has been put on hold and they will need to reschedule it.

Alternatively, take a look at the official driving test page, for the latest news and updates.


It may be a little while until learner drivers are allowed back behind the wheel – with the initial date set for 2nd December 2020, when restrictions are supposedly going to be lifted in the UK; however, if you are learning to drive, use this time to help improve, reflect, and expand your knowledge, so that you can confidently approach your lessons and tests when they resume.

Guidance is likely to change over the coming weeks and months, so keep up to date with our blogs, or alternatively, follow us on social media to hear the latest driving news and tips.


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