The nights have certainly started to get a little chillier and darker, but they’re about to get a little more so.

On Sunday 30th @ 2:00AM, the clocks will be going back, meaning not only an extra hour in bed and lighter mornings, but also evenings will get darker much earlier.

But, it’s not only worrying about if the clock on your phone will update through the night that we need to think about.

How do clocks ‘going back’ affect drivers?

While the clock change gives us an extra hour tucked up in bed this weekend, our data shows the impact it has on accidents across the UK during those busy rush hour periods from 5-8PM.

Whether you’re an experienced driver or it’s your first-year driving in the dark and wintery conditions, it doesn’t get any easier.

Don’t let this frighten you though, let Halloween be the scariest thing you deal with in the week ahead by planning ahead.

How can drivers stay safe in the darker evenings?

  • Keep an extra keen eye out for cyclists without lights, and pedestrians who may be wearing darker clothing (or Halloween costumes).
  • Turn on your headlights, whatever the time of day.
  • Always keep your headlights clean and clear.
  • Reduce your speed when visibility is less.
  • Keep your wind screen clean to avoid increased glare.
  • Avoid driving up to the speed limit so that you can quickly react to unexpected situations.
  • Keep your interior light off. Pull over in a safe place and only use when car is stationary.

Prepare yourself for the change in season by following our safe driving tips to avoid any extra risk to the safety of you and other road users.