After passing their driving test, many motorists cannot wait to get out on the roads and start experiencing their new found freedom. However, they may be put off by the sometimes expensive price of young driver car insurance.

As of 2012, according to research from a car insurance company, young drivers pay an average price of £2,499 for their annual vehicle cover. In addition, males between the ages of 17 and 20 have to pay an average premium of £3,635 if they want to drive on UK roads.

After reading these statistics, some young motorists may be dissuaded from getting behind the wheel – but they may be able to reduce the price of their car insurance by taking advanced driving lessons.

The benefits of extra training

According to a study conducted for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and carried out by Jean Hopkin Research Associates in 2012, in association with Brunel University, there are a variety of perceived benefits associated with advanced driving lessons.

IAM polled 2,500 of its members who had been driving for at least six months since passing the advanced test for car drivers. Of those respondents who reported positive impacts on their driving, 91% felt they had greater sensitivity to awareness of possible hazards and difficult road conditions, while 90% said they believed they had greater awareness of other road users. In addition, 78% believed they showed improvements in vehicle control, while 66% said the extra tuition helped them avoid a traffic accident.

The research also showed 60% of advanced drivers decided to take extra lessons in order to minimise their chances of being involved in a traffic accident, while 49% of 17 to 29 year-olds took further tuition to qualify for cheaper car insurance.

After taking an advanced driving course, such as the IAM Skill for Life course or Pass Plus, insurers may be more inclined to offer cheaper premiums as graduates usually:

  • Show increased self-confidence on the road;
  • Have less chance of causing a traffic accident;
  • Display better driving skills; and
  • Benefit from increased road knowledge.

However, a motorist may be able to eventually save money on their car insurance and improve their driving ability by purchasing an insurethebox telematics policy.

insurethebox telematics car insurance

Although advanced driving lessons may benefit a person’s motoring skills, insurethebox telematics might have a similar effect.

When you take out a telematics policy with us, a qualified professional will fit a black box to your vehicle. This device monitors various aspects of driving behaviour and displays the results on your personal website Portal.

Each customer’s Portal shows an analysis of individual motoring ability and will also offer various suggestions, hints and tips as to how you can improve your driving.

If you follow this advice, drive safely and do not make a claim, you could receive cheaper young driver insurance when you come to renew your vehicle cover.

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