A holder of insurance for young drivers is probably enjoying the freedom of being able to drive around in their first car. However, it is hugely important that a young driver recognises the importance of maintaining their car and keeps it safe for driving on the road.

Brake lights are a vital part on the car that should always be checked. It can be incredibly dangerous if a car’s brake lights are not in working order as they warn motorists driving behind that the car is slowing down. Regularly checking brake lights not only ensures the safety of the occupants in the vehicle, but also of other people on the road.

The easiest way of checking brake lights is by having one person pressing the brake peddle while another person stands behind the vehicle to see if both lights are working. However, it is also fairly simple for a driver to check on their own.

To check a car’s brake lights, position the car in a way so that any light can reflect off a surface. A garage door or a wall is usually well suited for this purpose, particularly during early evening when the lights will reflect more brightly.

The driver should then press down on the brake peddle while looking out the rear view window to see if both lights are reflecting on the wall behind the car. If both sides are not equally illuminated and one side has an outweighing glow then it is highly likely that a brake light has broken.

Fuses should be checked first if the brake light has stopped working, the user’s manual should explain where the fuse case is located, but it is usually kept underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. The front of the fuse case will show which fuse corresponds with which system.

The car manufacturer should have provided a fuse removal tool to aid in changing any necessary fuses. It is important to remember that fuses should only be replaced with those of the same type.

Brake lights can be replaced through the boot by opening the panel that leads to the brake lights. This is usually slightly different in every type of car, but a screwdriver may be needed to remove the panel.

Owners may not be able to change brake lights in some newer car models as a special tool is needed for the purpose. However, a quick trip to the dealer or garage should enable the lights to be fixed, but for a price, of course.

If neither changing the fuses or the bulb fixes the problem then it is likely that the fault is within the electrical system of the car. If this is the case, the car will need to be looked at by a professional.

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