After passing a driving test, the first thing you probably want to do is buy a vehicle, purchase a young driver car insurance policy and start experiencing your new found freedom.

Yet, choosing a new vehicle is a decision which should not be made lightly. Each aspect of the car should be considered, such as its security features, performance, overall cost and how easy it would be to find parts for repairs.

Factors such as these are important in everyday motoring, but they may also have an effect on the price of the purchaser’s car insurance policy. Moreover, although many buyers may trust their chosen dealer, they should ensure the vehicle does not have a hidden past.

Many UK vehicles may have a nasty secret

In 2012, HPI, a company which specialises in examining the histories of used cars, stated up to 10.4 million UK vehicles could have a hidden past. After carrying out multiple checks, the organisation revealed some startling information.

Outstanding finance

HPI states when someone purchases a car from a dealer, any finance agreements usually stay with the vehicle. Although the buyer may be the registered driver, the loans company still owns the car until the debt has been resolved. After carrying out its checks, the organisation found one in four vehicles had an outstanding finance agreement.

If a buyer purchases a car which is already under an existing agreement, they could lose the vehicle – or possibly end up paying more for it.

Plate changes

Although many licence plate changes could be made with innocent intentions, others may be performed by unscrupulous individuals trying to hide a car’s past. According to HPI, 20% of checked vehicles had previously had their plates changed – meaning some of these could be stolen or previously classified as insurance write-offs.

Numbers which don’t add up

HPI also found five in 100 cars had a mileage discrepancy. Some dishonest dealers may turn back a car’s mileometer in order to increase its value. In some cases a vehicle’s mileage needs to be corrected due to a genuine fault, but it becomes an illegal activity if a dealer does not inform the buyer of any changes.

Altering a car’s mileage should be discouraged as it can add false value to a vehicle and may lead to drivers neglecting maintenance – which might eventually prove a safety risk.


Four in 100 checked cars were previously classified as insurance write-offs – meaning they are generally unsafe and could place buyers and other road users in danger.

Car insurance with insurethebox

Before someone purchases a second-hand car, they should check various aspects with the buyer, such as querying the vehicle’s history or asking to see a receipt. They should also contact HPI before purchase and have the vehicle’s history examined.

However, once you have found a vehicle which is safe, and legal, you should ask insurethebox for a young driver car insurance quote – you may be pleasantly surprised by the price of our vehicle cover.