Gaining points is usually seen as good thing – reward points at the supermarket, points for winning a football match in your local league. But, in the world of motoring the term “points on your licence” is definitely not a positive statement and when it comes to car insurance for convicted drivers those three little points can seem like a real headache.


Filling out your car insurance details

Whenever you want to get a car insurance quote, you are required to fill out a set of details relating to you and your car, and at least one of those questions is likely to be concerned with motoring convictions, driving offences or penalty points.

A motorist can be convicted of a number of motoring offences. Some of them are very serious and these are likely to involve a driving ban and the requirement to take specialist re-training at the end of the ban.

Some motoring offences, such as speeding will usually incur a fine and a small number of penalty points, but these points on your licence must be declared to a potential insurer. If you don’t declare motoring convictions, you will be guilty of defrauding your insurer and, in the event of an accident or claim on your car insurance, your policy could be declared void. Further legal action could also be taken against you. In short – lying to your insurance provider is just not worth it.


insurethebox can make a clear difference to our car insurance and your driving

insurethebox’s car insurance for convicted drivers offers a way for motorists with points on their licence to get their vehicle covered and to prove that their driving is positive.

When you take out an insurethebox private car policy a small telematics device, known as a black box, is fitted to your car and whenever it’s driven the black box sends data to insurethebox’s technical centre.

The information is analysed and a configured set of statistics is posted on your personal Customer Portal – so you can see exactly where and when you have driven, how far you travelled and how you drove.

This telematics information gives you a chance to analyse your driving behaviour and offers you an incentive to change your road habits.

Plus, when your policy needs to be renewed, the data will represent a unique picture of your driving which insurethebox will use to calculate the cost of your new premium. Telematics data tells us so much more than ticking a box to say you have points on your licence and we may well be able to offer you a great deal on your renewal car insurance quote.


Painless convicted driver car insurance with insurethebox

To see if we could save you money on your car insurance, why not “Get a Quote” today.

We can complete the whole process quickly and simply over the internet and we will arrange for the black box to be fitted within 14 days.

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