As a motorist, when you’ve found a cheap car insurance policy it gives you a really good feeling, but unless you’ve bought comprehensive cover, as all insurethebox policies are, if you have an accident in which no one else was to blame, you may find that your “good feeling” quickly turns into an expensive repair bill.

Many motorists believe that they are good drivers and so, naturally, they hope they will never be to blame for an accident, but sometimes it can be conditions such as the weather which may cause an accident, and a driver may feel he has little or no control over this, yet there are always precautions which can be taken.


Driving in adverse weather conditions can be dangerous

Most experienced drivers will be well aware of weather-related road hazards such as heavy rain causing longer stopping distances, or snow and ice meaning that loss of vehicle control becomes highly likely, but as a new driver it can be hard to determine what the appropriate actions for driving in hazardous weather situations are.

The Highway Code covers most eventualities for driving in bad weather in its points 226 to 237.

These include such road conditions as:

  • Reduced visibility
  • Wet weather
  • Ice and snow
  • High winds
  • Fog
  • Hot weather


All new drivers should familiarise themselves with these points and be prepared to alter their journey if they feel unable to cope with the driving conditions they are presented with at the outset of, or during, their journey.

Of course, driving in adverse weather conditions is sometimes unavoidable, and it is only by carrying out a journey in high winds or torrential rain that inexperienced motorists will gain the valuable driving skills that they will need throughout a lifetime of road use.


Safer driving and cheap car insurance with insurethebox

At insurethebox we believe that everyone should be offered a great deal when they ask for a car insurance quote and not just those drivers who’ve amassed years of no-claims bonuses. We also believe in offering road safety advice and great driving incentives to new drivers who show us they drive positively and that’s why we use telematics technology.

Our black box is fitted to your car at the outset of your policy and it tells us when and how you are driving, as well as how far you are travelling, and we use this information to help you to, hopefully, become a better driver.

So, as you search for cheap car insurance online, it’s time to see if insurethebox can offer you the deal you’ve been hoping for. Click our get a quote button or give our team a call on 0333 123 1308 today to see if the motor cover conditions are fine with insurethebox.