Have you been wondering how to get cheaper car insurance? Would you like your car insurance to help you to become a more responsible driver, while also showing you how you could help the environment?

If the answer is yes, then insurethebox might be able to offer you cheaper car insurance, and provide further benefits to make your driving experience safer and more rewarding.


Safe driving and saving the environment with the black box

The telematics data the black box gathers allows you to see how you can improve your driving, such as heavy braking and acceleration. By modifying these types of driving behaviours you could cut your fuel consumption which can, in turn help reduce the harmful emissions associated with driving.

The data contained within Your Portal will allow you to see how safely you’re driving. If you are driving safely then you will be able to earn Bonus Miles each month, and the chance to save money at renewal.

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Could you be rewarded with cheaper car insurance?

An insurethebox car insurance policy does not penalise you for bad driving or for driving late at night in the way some other insurance companies do. We believe in rewards for safe driving and if you drive responsibly, we can give you Bonus Miles.

We believe most drivers want to be responsible road users. We don’t believe that you should be penalised for the transgressions of others so we can give our customers the ability to obtain ever cheaper car insurance policies and quotes, as year-on-year they drive better, drive less and make the roads a safer place to be.


Car insurance with a black box and a clear conscience

When you buy cover with insurethebox you are not only fulfilling your legal responsibility to be properly insured but you are showing that you are prepared to be a responsible driver, who cares about road safety, other road users and the environment.

When you have a black box fitted you will be able to manage your driving, which could help you save money and become a better driver.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get cheaper car insurance, you’ve come to the right place.

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