As a young driver, or low mileage motorist, one of your main concerns might be finding a good car insurance quote which takes into account your safe driving habits and the amount of time you spend on the road, giving you a cheaper annual premium as a result.

However, once you’ve found that quote you’ll naturally want to avoid doing anything which could lead to the cost of your cover increasing upon renewal.

One thing which is likely to make the price of your premium rise is being involved in a car accident, and the way you dress when you get behind the wheel of your car could have a big impact on your risk of being involved in a crash.

If you choose to wear heels – yes we’re talking to the men here as well – a long skirt or dress, very baggy jeans, shoes with a very thin sole, shoes with soles more than 10mm in thickness, or flip flops, these items could all lead to you having an accident on the road.

Many of these clothes can obstruct your use of the pedals and might even get caught underneath them. Furthermore, if you think you can avoid all of this confusion by driving in bare feet, this is likely to result in you being unable to press pedals as hard as you would be able to with appropriate foot-wear.

This could be very dangerous, since in certain situations you may need to depress the brake pedal to the floor to avoid causing yourself, or another person, injuries. Moreover, as has already been mentioned, an accident could make your cheap car insurance increase in price when you renew.

If you don’t have complete control of the car, you are putting your life and the lives of others at risk.

If you’re on your way to a destination which requires clothes inappropriate for driving to be worn – let’s say a fancy-dress charity run – either get changed on arrival or make sure that you have some driving shoes in your car and that nothing will get in your way when you reach for the pedals.


Car insurance quotes and appropriate driving clothes

If you’re conscious of your fashion choices on days when you know you’ll be going for a drive, you could be saving money with an insurethebox car insurance quote because we reward safety conscious drivers for all their good motoring habits.

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