When it comes to finding a good car insurance quote, it really pays to shop around, and there are some simple ways of reducing the cost.

Did you know that the more expensive your vehicle is, the more likely it is that a car insurance company will ask you to attach a tracking device to your motor before giving you cover? Well insurethebox fit a black box to your car whatever its price, and there’s no extra cost to our customers.

Our black box uses telematics technology to collect data on your driving skills and it will also act as a tracker device in the unfortunate event of your car being stolen.

To avoid your car being stolen in the first place, and to save extra money on your premium, you may be interested to know that many insurers will reduce the cost of annual cover if you fit an alarm or an immobiliser to the vehicle.

An alarm could ward off any thieves, and an immobiliser will stop any fuel flow and engine ignition taking place if the code from an individual’s key is not recognised by the engine control unit. This is especially useful if someone tries to “hot wire” your vehicle.

Many new cars have an immobiliser fitted on the production line, so an owner may not necessarily be aware that they have one in their car already, but this is very useful information to have to hand when you are obtaining car insurance quotes.

Making your vehicle as secure as possible will very often result in a reduction in car insurance costs. For example, if you have the possibility of locking your car in a secure garage overnight, and do so – telling your insurance company may reduce your cover costs, since more than 50% of motor thefts happen during the night.


Car safety

At insurethebox, we care about the safety of your vehicle, but more importantly we care about the safety of the drivers who use our cover, and for that reason we give our customers every incentive to improve upon driving skills they already possess to become more confident and respectful road users.

As well as being pleased if you keep your vehicle secure, we are even happier when we see that you are being responsible behind the wheel, because not only will this keep you safe, but it will result in you saving more money on running costs and wear and tear on your car.

Harsh breaking and sudden acceleration, which are habits we’ll try and help you break, not only wear out your car quicker – leading to vehicle repairs having to be made – but use up fuel more rapicly and subsequently have negative effects on the environment.

So, in order to become a safer driver, save yourself money, and reduce your carbon footprint – join insurethebox.


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