When you have passed your driving test and become a fully qualified driver, one of the first things you’re likely to sort out is a reasonable car insurance rate so you are covered when you take to the roads unsupervised.

However, here at insurethebox we know that a motorist never truly stops learning when on the road, and to help you become the safest driver you can be, we have compiled some information about when you should and shouldn’t use your vehicle fog lights.


Fog light fundamentals

Fog lights are brighter than a vehicle’s standard headlights and are designed to increase the visibility of the vehicle in conditions when vision is significantly restricted. However, if used incorrectly they could potentially cause an accident, so it is vital that all motorists understand when they should be used.

Despite being named “fog lights”, driving in fog does not always mean that a driver should turn them on. TheHighway Code states that front and rear fog lights should not be used unless visibility is “seriously reduced” which is usually when a motorist cannot see more than 100 metres (328 feet) in front of them.

Motorists should remember that even though fog lights help other road users to see them when visibility is limited, they should only drive at a speed which is suitable for the road conditions being experienced and during fog speed should be significantly reduced.

In addition, some newer and high-end cars have an ‘auto’ setting for lights which enables the car to be driven with the side lights and fog lamps on simultaneously. Currently, this is against the guidance given in the Highway Code as headlights must be used when visibility is seriously reduced and, according to rule 226, drivers may also use front or rear fog – there is no legal requirement to use fog lights, but if they are used, it must be correctly.

Once visibility has improved a motorist must switch off their fog lights so that the extra-bright lights do not dazzle other road users. The brightness of rear fog lights can also outshine a vehicle’s brake lights which can make it difficult for other motorists to detect when the car in front is slowing down.

Many motorists are unsure about when to use their fog lights, and although it’s not compulsory to use them, when visibility is as limited as described above, it is generally safer to turn them on.


Driving safely with insurethebox

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