When seeking out cheap car insurance there are certain unchangeable criteria that will affect how much your policy is going to cost. For instance women drivers usually get offered cheaper premiums than an equivalent male driver because statistics show that female motorists have fewer high speed, and therefore costly to the insurer, car accidents. And it is pretty common knowledge that young drivers, up until they reach their early twenties, can find the cost of motor cover particularly punitive.

However, one thing all drivers can do to facilitate a cheaper car insurance quote is to buy the right sort of car.


Don’t buy a Ferrari if you want cheap car insurance

Ok, so most young and new drivers are unlikely to get a top-end marque vehicle as their first car, but some first time buyers may well see a high performance car with a lot of miles on the clock and several years on the number plate and think that it looks like a great deal because it’s price tag is cheap.

Wrong, any powerful or desirable car is probably going to fall into a high level insurance group and this will mean that your cheap car ends up costing a lot in insurance terms.

Conversely, a small, very old, run-of-the-mill car with a small engine and an extremely cheap price tag may also cost more to insure purely because of its age. Old cars were built with fewer protective features and less safety technology than newer vehicles, and the sheer wear and tear on an old car may make it prone to suffering a failure which could cause an accident, hence it will be more of a risk for an insurer who has to charge a higher price tag for the motor cover.

The upshot of all this is that new drivers are advised to look out for the newest vehicle they can afford, while sticking to small, less powerful cars with as many safety features as possible.

When purchasing a car, a buyer can check insurance ratings by visiting Parker’s website where a vast amount of information (including the car insurance group) can be found on most makes and models of cars. Just click on the facts and figures section to find out performance, dimensions, running costs and that all important, car insurance group.


insurethebox – driven by telematics technology to offer cheap car insurance for all

At insurethebox we are driven by the philosophy that safe drivers should get the best deal on their motor cover, and as such have harnessed telematics technology to enable this.

Our telematics device, the black box, is fitted into our policyholders’ vehicles to allow us to monitor their driving behaviour. All customers then have the ability to earn great driving benefits and rewards, including the chance to earn themselves a cheap car insurance quote at renewal time because we will have a much clearer picture of their driving than any quote form can give.

Whatever car you drive, or are hoping to drive once you have bought it, you can get a quote from insurethebox now by clicking on our quote button. Why not see if we can offer cheap car insurance for you today.