As the cost of motor cover premiums goes up and finding cheap car insurance gets more difficult motorists are striving to find ways to save money on vehicle costs.

However, this is good news for some firms who provide low-cost solutions to minor car repairs as many motorists in the current financial climate are thinking twice about claiming on their car insurance policy for minor damage, because increased levels of voluntary excess are being used to help keep the cost of car insurance down.

Add to this the fact that a damage repair claim may mean the loss of no-claims bonus, which will, in turn, mean a more expensive quote on renewal, and the provision of low-cost repair methods, to keep vehicles in good condition, is becoming a great business opportunity.

The CEO of a firm of on-the-spot body repairers who fix chips and scratches said, “With the current economic climate and car insurance premiums rising as they are, it is becoming more important for motorists to cut costs wherever possible.”

Commenting on increased business figures, he added, “We are especially pleased that brand awareness has increased significantly and look forward to the next few years as we continue to grow and develop to meet rising market demand.”

In many cases alternative repair methods, which don’t involve a car insurance claim, will mean the driver can still find a cheap car insurance quote when he or she has to renew the policy.