The world is in continuous development and we’re now living in an era where technology progresses at a very fast pace. Innovation after innovation, different industries have the need to keep up with the new dynamic needs of the society, to grow side by side with it.

Telematics is the perfect example of how technology can revolutionise an industry to keep up with the times and create a personalised service.


Telematics is information technology that merges telecommunications and informatics. It uses GPS technology, and it’s the base of road safety technology like black box insurance. When you get insured by us in fact, we place a little black box, smaller than an iPhone, inside your car.

Some people might get it confused with the black box found in an air plane, which is a flight recorder that has the job of registering different elements in case of a crash. Despite of sharing the name, this technology has a different function from what’s used for black box insurance.


The first GPS satellite was launched in 1978, and was made available for public use in 1983. Thirty years later, we have technology accessible to everyone, which has entirely revolutionised the modern world.

Telematics technology works on an easy premise: it collects data though a GPS system and sends it over to a provider through the included SIM card.

‘Development has occurred to the point where approximately 88% of new cars are expected to feature integrated telematics by 2025’. This technology can also help create a more dynamic and precise traffic flow, and to save time for people who drive.


When a black box is fitted into your car, this telematics device records your speed levels, the time of day or night you drive, how many miles you drive and the driving style you have. The black box doesn’t just keep a safe record of all your information but could help you save money. How exactly?

The telematics device, your black box, contains a SIM card, just like your smartphone, that sends us the recorded information. It’s not connected to any electrical components in your car, and it won’t affect your battery.

The GPS system of the black box tells us where you drive and the different types of roads you usually take, the motion sensor tracks your speed or any sudden impacts like heavy braking, and our computer software collects and analyses your data, in order to create a profile of your driving safety.

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In this time and era, we know that sharing information about yourself can make you suspicious but don’t worry. The black box doesn’t record sounds or images, and neither will speak and tell you what to do or interfere with your driving, we’re not in Big Brother!

The data we record is safely stored and will only be visible to you and our software, to make sure you can stay safe on the road!


So why is telematics or black box insurance better for young people, and why should you choose us? Insurance is usually based on statistics, and let’s face it, if you just got your licence and are not a very experienced driver, traditional insurance companies won’t trust you on the road! That often results in high prices.

With telematics, we can give you the chance to earn a good premium based on your driving. Our black box helps us calculate the cost of your renewal premium and reward safe drivers with extra Bonus Miles*!

Thanks to the GPS and motion sensors in the black box, we can send help to you if you’re involved in an accident or locate your car if it gets stolen. The black box can also help with a claim, as the dynamics of an incident can be cross-examined with the data recorded, for example how strong the collision was and when the car was hit.

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*You can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles per month.