Throughout the year, we might all look for ways to boost our energy levels. Whether it’s a cosy night in or an extra class at the gym, there are tons of different ways to recharge our batteries. Because when we feel run down, being left out in the cold, or unable to exercise could make things worse.

But did you know that it can be the same for our cars? Yep, freezing temperatures and a lack of activity can affect them too.

In fact, extreme cold (and hot) weather can impact car battery power, as can doing lots of short journeys (or no journeys at all). This is because the battery doesn’t get the chance to charge properly. And there’s a whole host of other things that can leave it a bit drained. Like using your car heater throughout your journey and having your wipers on full power for long periods of time.

So, if you think your car could be feeling flat, here’s are some things to look out for:

Finding it hard to get going

Let’s face it, when our energy is low, we may find it hard to get out of bed. But if your car has no get up and go, it might be down to the battery. This could mean you struggle to start the engine, or it just takes longer than usual.

A bit slow to respond

Still not RSVP’d to that event? Inbox out of control? Sometimes we’re slow to respond when we’re feeling under pressure.

Likewise, if things like your car windows, lights and audio system are not performing as they usually do, or if they cut out completely, then the battery could be the cause.

Losing some sparkle

Without any energy, it’s sometimes hard to give everything 100%. And it’s the same with your car. Headlights not shining as brightly as usual? Could be a sign your battery is running low.

You can see the warning signs

If only we had a warning light system, telling us when to recharge.

Luckily, some cars do and it’s important never to ignore it if a dashboard icon appears.

If you see a battery icon light up on your dashboard, it could be an issue with the car alternator, battery, or electrical system. Even if there’s no immediate effect, your car battery may not charge itself properly while you’re driving – resulting in it becoming flat.

It could be an age thing

Batteries are the life force of your car, and they work really hard. This means they don’t last forever – typically between 3 to 5 years, but this can depend on exposure to certain environments, as well as your driving habits.[1]

System overload

When we take on too much, we spread ourselves too thinly. This can mean no one gets us at our best, plus we end up running on empty.

In the same way, connecting too many devices to your car can also have an impact on the battery. Especially if you regularly charge your phone or sat nav while driving. This can cause issues, particularly when our car batteries have to work harder during the cold winter months. At this time of year, it can make sense to show our cars a little extra TLC.

Stay on the safe side

In terms of the power of your black box, it uses less energy than a blinking LED – like the one that shows your alarm is active. But remember, your car battery health could impact how the box operates.

If you think your car battery could be running low, it may be worth getting it checked by your chosen garage or service centre, to make sure everything is running to full capacity.

Keep track of your driving data by logging in to Your Portal, where you can see your progress.

And a reminder that if you’re feeling tired, this can influence the way you drive. Always best to wait until you are sure you’re ready to get behind the wheel.

Remember: you can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles a month by keeping an eye on things like:

  • Speed
  • Smooth driving
  • Taking breaks
  • Time of day
  • Motorway miles

Because the safer you drive, the further you’ll go.