Three things in life that don’t get the recognition they deserve:

  • Watching the sunset at your favourite festival
  • That first bite of a drive-thru burger to break up your journey
  • Car tyres for surviving months on the road

So, that last one may not naturally spring to mind.  But think of it this way. Tyres are the only parts of our car in constant contact with the road.  Harsher weather and challenging terrain both take their toll.  When did you last check in with yours?  Yep, time to ask – could your tyres be tired?

Day in, day out, whatever the weather, they keep us on track.  In fact, you could say our tyres support us through everything.  Rain, hail, or shine, they hit the ground running.  And we think they need a bit of love in return.

So, as Tyre Safety Month draws to a close this October, we’re calling for some Tyre TLC. [1]

It’s all about showing some Tender Loving Care to your faithful four wheels.  Why not ACT now with these tips for top condition:

Air Keep the right level for your car as low pressure affects grip. Plus, underinflated tyres need more force to make them turn, so your car uses extra fuel. And in the long run, they’ll wear out more quickly. Overinflated tyres aren’t good either.[2] They round out the outer tread pattern, causing it to wear out.

Condition – Check regularly for stones, nails and glass. Or anything else that could get embedded from the road.  Sharp objects can lead to punctures.  They may not show up right away.  If you find you’re topping up your air pressure more often, it could be down to a slow puncture.  But even if there’s no immediate signs of wear and tear, keep an eye out. Try and make Tyre TLC part of your regular routine. Maybe, each time you fill up at the petrol pump, check out your wheels. This could involve looking for cracks or bald spots as well as putting your hand on the tyre to feel for anything that could be lodged there.

Tread – Designed to grip, especially in wet conditions, tyre tread should be checked at least once a month. A 20p piece can help you do this. Insert the coin at different points across the tread pattern and all around the outside of the tyre. If any of the coin’s rim is visible, the tyre needs attention. Treads for car tyres must always be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm, or you could be facing a fine of £2,500 and three penalty points per tyre.[3]

And finally – they may seem tough, but tyres can crack under pressure.  So, they won’t take kindly to being bounced off kerbs or dipped into potholes. Because tyres have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.  They contribute to the safety of every car on the road.

Join with us in keeping an eye on our four-wheel friends.  And not just in winter or for Tyre Safety Month. Let’s show them some love all year round.

Because together we can make the roads safer for everyone.