According to a study undertaken by Kwik Fit, many motorists cannot identify the meaning of their vehicle’s dashboard warning symbols. So, it is good advice for new driver car insurance policyholders to fully investigate the workings of their car to reduce their risk of suffering an accident.

A survey of 5,500 road users revealed that 51% of drivers did not know what the tyre pressure warning symbol informed them of. Reportedly, some thought that it meant the car’s engine was overheating, others believed that the symbol warned that the brake pads needed to be replaced, and many thought that it alerted them to the presence of a cattle grid ahead.

It may not be surprising, in that case, to find out that the firm’s research also showed that 68% of motorists, likely to include some first time car insurance policyholders, are running their cars on under-inflated tyres.

The communications director of Kwik Fit stated, “Under or over inflated tyres are a significant safety risk, causing handling problems, reduced grip and longer braking distances. As well as being a safety concern, driving on the wrong pressures results in a drop in fuel efficiency and increased tyre wear, placing an additional financial burden on motorists.”

If people with new driver car insurance want to improve their safety on the road, taking an advanced driving course and looking at the manufacturer’s manual provided with their car could help them better their understanding of the road and their vehicle.