Young driver car insurance can be very expensive, especially if the motorist is male, but in early 2011 many individuals across different age groups and varying earning brackets are struggling to make ends meet.

Many people in Britain are feeling the pinch of rising costs, and some are feeling it most from running their car. In an attempt to save some money a shocking 53% of motorists, including new driver car insurance holders, believe that giving false information to insurance companies to lower the cost of their policy is acceptable.

The Association of British Insurers revealed in a study of UK drivers that thousands of motorists have provided false information. These drivers claim that a more experienced motorist, viewed by companies as a less of a risk to insure, is to be the main driver of a vehicle – when in fact they will not be the primary user of the car. This is called “fronting”.

The director of general insurance for the Association of British Insurers warns that “trying to deceive your insurer is a false economy”.

The falsification of details on annual insurance documents or car cover packages, could result in an individual receiving a criminal conviction, and could lead to future difficulties in getting young driver car insurance, or any other car cover policy.