If you’re looking for young driver car insurance at a price you can afford, the advice on many financial advice websites and in the motoring press is to shop around. But, when you’re young and you’ve just passed your driving test, clicking from site to site and finding that every car insurance provider has given a quote which seems way too expensive can make your quest to find the best young driver deal completely boring and fruitless.


insurethebox is a different way to insure your car

Here at insurethebox we believe in using the carrot, not the stick to keep young drivers on the road. Other insurers may just calculate their car insurance for young drivers based on their high risk peers, but we want to do things differently.

When you take out an insurethebox policy, you select how many Policy Miles you expect to drive in a year and we then fit a clever little telematics device to record how many miles you actually drive.

If you drive carefully we will give you Bonus Miles to add to your Policy Miles and so you will be able to drive further.

The telematics device, known as a black box, tells us several things about how you drive, what types of roads you are using and the times you drive. We don’t penalise you if you drive late at night, but if you drive only in the daytime, you are likely to earn more Bonus Miles.


Come driving with insurethebox – the start of a great journey

If you are a careful driver – and don’t worry, we’ll offer lots of helpful hints and tips on how you can earn those Bonus Miles – when you come to renew your young driver car insurance we’ll have built up a pretty good picture of how you drive.

It’s more than just a no-claim bonus; insurethebox actually calculates your renewal private car policy on how you drive. So, safe drivers could see the cost of their car insurance reduced.

Get your insurethebox car insurance quote today by filling in our online form. We can complete the whole transaction quickly and effortlessly over the internet with the minimum of fuss and we will organise the black box fitting as soon as possible – in the meantime, you will be covered from the moment you want your policy to start.

So, what are you waiting for – start your insurethebox journey today and get on the road to young driver car insurance with a difference.