A report about a traffic accident inquest this year may have some resonance among young driver car insurance holders.

In April 2006, 16-year-old twin brothers were travelling in the back of a friend’s vehicle when the driver lost control and collided with an oncoming 4×4 car.

One of the brothers was wearing his seatbelt, and the other was not. As a result, the boy who was unrestrained was thrown from the vehicle through the windscreen, whereas the other was able to leave the damaged car without aid.

A police sergeant at the inquest said, “This was the most unusual and tragic crash scene I have encountered.

“You can’t get a much clearer case of the valuable nature and use of the seatbelt. Two people identical in every way possible have had astoundingly different outcomes from the same crash.”

The young passenger who had neglected to use the seat restraint spent five years in a coma, and last year in December his mother made the difficult decision to switch off her son’s life support machine.

The inquest ruled that the young man’s death was “accidental,” and the family is now trying to come to terms with their loss.

All new drivers with young driver car insurance should take care on the roads when behind the wheel, but should not forget that they are also at risk of injury during a crash if they are a passenger. Wearing a seatbelt is a simple safety precaution but it could save their life.