Here at insurethebox we want to encourage drivers to be as safe as possible whenever they get behind the wheel. We use telematics technology to work out how safely people drive, so that we can reward those who drive well.

We’ve come up with ten tips to help you stay safe on the road.

1. Know the law

All road users should make sure that they’re fully aware of the rules of the road before they get behind the wheel. Making sure that you understand all aspects of The Highway Code means you’re well-prepared every time you set off. Feeling confident? Why not put your knowledge to the test by taking our Highway Code quiz.

If you’re driving abroad make sure that you’re aware of the rules of the road for the country you’re in, as there could be different rules and restrictions in place.


2. Sensible speed

Keeping to a sensible speed is one of the most important aspects of driving safely. Speed is one of the main factors in fatal road accidents, which is why it’s vital to drive at a speed that is appropriate for the road and the conditions. The speed limit is a maximum and not a target, so take the time to consider the speed you should be travelling at. For example, rural roads can be particularly dangerous and it’s often necessary to drive below the speed limit to give yourself more time to read the road ahead.

At insurethebox, customers can earn Bonus Miles if their telematics data shows that they drive at an appropriate speed for the road.


3. Smooth driving

Driving smoothly, which means no sudden acceleration or heavy braking, is a good way to stay safe on the roads. Try to pay close attention to your surroundings and make sure that you look around carefully before making any manoeuvres. Smooth driving can also help to make your driving more eco-friendly, and potentially save you money on fuel.

At insurethebox, we reward customers with Bonus Miles if their telematics data shows that they’re smooth, safe drivers.

4. Avoid distractions

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) says that a driver is distracted when they pay attention to a second activity while driving. This could be anything from using a mobile phone to checking a sat nav, or getting distracted by other passengers in the car. The more involved a person becomes with a distraction the less focused they are on the road ahead.

5. Time of day

According to our records, there are certain times of the day when accidents are more likely to occur, including between 10pm and 4am and during the evening rush hour (5-6pm). Avoiding driving during these times of day can help you to stay safe, and reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

At insurethebox, you can earn more Bonus Miles if you avoid regularly driving at these times.


6. Motorway driving

According to the AA Driving School’s head of driver development, Mark Peacock, motorways are statistically safer to drive on than other roads. When it comes to driving on a motorway make sure that your journey is carefully planned so that you know where you need to join and leave the motorway, and you can get in the correct lane in good time. If you don’t have much experience when it comes to driving on motorways, take a look at our guide to first-time motorway driving.

As motorways are the safest roads to drive on, you can earn Bonus Miles for motorway driving if you have an insurethebox policy.


7. Taking breaks

Before you get behind the wheel make sure that you’re in a fit state to drive. Research suggests that driver tiredness after a few hours night-time driving has the same effect as being over the drink-driving limit. RoSPA advise that sleepiness can reduce reaction times and affect the quality of decision making, which is critical for safe driving. Plan your journey well so that you have enough time to take regular breaks, particularly on journeys over 2.5 hours.

With an insurethebox policy, taking a break of at least 20 minutes after 2.5 hours of driving can help you earn Bonus Miles.


8. Stay on top of maintenance

Most insurance policies (including insurethebox) have a condition that you take reasonable precautions to maintain your car in an efficient and roadworthy condition, and have a valid MOT certificate where needed.

Basic car maintenance like checking your tyre pressure and engine oil level can help reduce the likelihood of a breakdown and keep your driving safe and worry-free. According to the Highway Code, you should check your tyre pressures and fluid levels weekly in order to stay on top of any issues. Other areas you should check include making sure that your wipers and washers are working, that your windscreens, windows and number plates are kept clear and that all lights are clean and in working order.


9. Think seasonally

As the seasons change, so do the driving conditions which is why it’s important to be prepared for all occasions when it comes to staying safe on the roads. During the winter months, the adverse weather conditions mean that you should take certain items with you in the car and that your car is prepared before you set off.


Driving in hot weather can also be quite taxing on both you and your car – check out our top ten summer driving tips for some handy advice to help make things easier.


10. Appropriate footwear

Safe driving comes down to lots of little details, which includes dressing appropriately. The shoes you wear can affect your control over the pedals, so try to avoid shoes that don’t fit properly, are uncomfortable or are oversized. Driving in heels or driving barefoot is also not recommended, so it could be a good idea to keep a spare pair of comfortable shoes in your car just in case. Find out which footwear is the best for driving.


Safe driving with insurethebox

At insurethebox we fit a clever little black box to your car and work out how safely you drive using the information gathered by the box. If you drive safely you can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles each month and save money at renewal.

If you’re not yet a customer and want to join us simply click on the button below to get a quote.

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