Regrettably, vehicle crime will possibly always be a problem for car owners. When purchasing car insurance for women, one of the many factors which influence the price of the policy is security.

If a vehicle is kept in a garage and alarmed, the owner could receive cheaper car insurance than someone who parks their car outside on the street with little to no protection.

Between 2009 and 2010, there were approximately 1,229,000 vehicle-related thefts in England and Wales. Fortunately, insurethebox has put together a short guide which could help to improve the security of your vehicle.

Park securely

In an ideal world, everyone would have access to a garage. Sadly, a lot of motorists do not have this option and many have to leave their vehicles elsewhere. Where possible, a motorist should consider parking in a well lit area, a secure car park or beneath the sight of a CCTV camera. Fitting motion sensitive lighting to a driveway may also help to deter criminals.

Buy a car alarm

Some modern cars already come with factory-fitted alarm systems. This technology will not physically stop a thief from breaking into a vehicle; however it can be a powerful deterrent. The professional fitting of an alarm can also help to add some security and possibly reduce the cost of car insurance.

Hide your valuables

A thief will steal just about anything. Motorists should, if possible, remove the front panel from their car stereo, hide their sat nav and take out any other valuable objects or lock them away when leaving their car unattended in a public place. At insurethebox we will pay up to £150 for stolen goods, providing they were secured and kept out of sight in a glove compartment or car boot.

Consider a steering lock

Experienced car thieves can often remove a steering lock quite easily, leading some to question their effectiveness. However, these cheap devices (sometimes costing around £20) can provide an inexpensive deterrent which can help to put off opportunist criminals.

Lock the car

A driver should always check to ensure they have secured their vehicle correctly. Usually insurance companies will not pay for any loss or damage caused to the vehicle if it was unlocked or left with the window or roof open.

Buy telematics insurance

An insurethebox telematics policy involves fitting a device to the vehicle which monitors aspects such as driving habits to determine how safe a motorist is when they are behind the wheel. Telematics can also track the vehicle, meaning in the event of theft, there is a greater chance of recovering the car.

Insurance with insurethebox

Although the measures discussed above will certainty go a long way to putting potential thieves off, knowing your vehicle already comes with a tracking device can grant you some piece of mind.

If you are looking for car insurance for women, men or even young drivers, insurethebox may have the right policy for you. Our telematics technology means if you drive safely you could see a reduction in your premium over time. If your vehicle is stolen, telematics may also help in the recovery.