A recent court hearing into a fatal road traffic accident has once again highlighted the dangers that driving while using a mobile phone poses to both experienced and young driver car insurance holders.

The court case into the accident, which occurred in November 2010, was concluded in October 2011.

A 23-year-old woman was killed in an accident on the B1188 near Lincoln by a motorist who was not paying enough attention to the highway.

The woman, a serving soldier, had survived two tours of Afghanistan and had just returned to the UK after her latest tour when she was involved in the crash. The incident occurred when a van driver, on the way to celebrate his 26th birthday, drifted across to the other side of the road and collided with the soldier’s car head-on.

Having posted a message on Facebook about a minute before the accident, lawyers for the prosecution stated in court that “he clearly had been using his mobile phone in very close proximity to the time of the crash.”

Although it cannot be proven that the man was using the mobile phone when the crash occurred, he had previously received a fixed penalty ticket for driving while using a handset.

Defence lawyers said that the 26-year-old “was utterly devastated once he was told of the consequences of the collision”.

The motorist was given a 21-month prison sentence and banned from driving for three years.

The actions of this relatively experienced motorist should serve to remind new driver car insurance holders that while they are in control of a vehicle they should never lose focus on the road conditions around them. Doing so could result in severe injury or even death of another young driver car insurance holder, other road user, passenger, or pedestrian.