Getting yourself in the market for young driver car insurance can be an uphill struggle.

According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) statistics, the national pass rate between April 2010 and March 2011 was only 46.34% and data from the DSA’s 2009 to 2010 age and attempt table shows that the chances of passing first time if you’re in the 18 to 25 age bracket are often even lower.

But this is no reason to be disheartened. Over the years the UK practical driving test has changed in many ways to become more challenging in the hope that it will produce new drivers who are better equipped to deal with difficult driving conditions.

In October 2010 elements of the practical examination were changed in the hope that new driver car insurance holder fatalities would be reduced.

However, at the time, a spokesperson for the Association of British Drivers said, “These new measures are missing the point of stopping reckless drivers on the road. These confusing new tasks could just make it more costly and take more time for learner drivers to pass their test.”

The DSA went ahead with the changes and he DSA’s chief driving examiner stated, “Evidence shows learning to drive alone is the biggest challenge faced by newly-qualified drivers. We believe that this added element will lead to better and safer drivers.”

After the introduction of the new sections of the practical driving test, the UK became the EU nation with the lowest number of road deaths of all member states in 2010.

Road safety initiatives have sprung up and spread across the country in regional attempts to further cut rates of accident, injury and avoidable traffic-related deaths, but the revised practical motoring exam is a nation-wide way of helping reduce the percentage of young driver road fatalities.

Receiving young driver car insurance – you’ll do it in the end

If you don’t pass your driving test first time, try not to worry about it. Try to view it as a test-run and as a tool for catching all those lingering driving problems you have so that you may end up being a more experienced and safer driver in the end.

Once you’ve passed your practical test you can finally start researching young driver car insurance. There are a lot of insurers out there, but insurethebox specialises in providing great value cover for new drivers and low mileage motorists, and could save you a lot of money.

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