Many first time car insurance holders and inexperienced car owners may not be aware of the problems which can be caused by a chipped windscreen.

In most instances a chip is caused by a stone being flicked up from the road’s surface by other vehicles on the road.

The damage caused might seem small to a motorist with new driver car insurance, but depending on how big the chipped area is, and where it is situated, it could result in an MOT failure and mean that the driver must purchase a new windscreen.

A windscreen chip could see a car fail its MOT because a clear view of the road is vital in order to stay safe on UK highways. Furthermore, the windscreen contributes to the car shell’s overall strength and stiffness when in an accident, so any cracks might threaten the vehicle’s structural integrity.

If the windscreen fragment which has broken is in the “A-zone” – immediately in front of the driver’s line of sight – and includes most of the right windscreen wiper’s reach, this is likely to result in a failure.

If the chip is anywhere else on the windscreen, then, usually, damage larger than 40mm across will also cause the car to fail its MOT.

However, in many instances there is no need for MOT failure if the chip is dealt with soon enough.

If the chip is small enough to be repaired when first noticed by the motorist, going to a reputable garage should stop any cracks spreading from the damaged area. Home windscreen repair kits are also available, but they should only be used on small chips and abrasions and instructions should be followed very carefully.

In most instances insurers will have an approved repairer and if the policyholder calls them then a chip repair could be cost-free to the motorist and covered by their car insurance.

Making sure that repairs are made in time could not only make the MOT process smoother but may help the driver avoid the need to have a new windscreen fitted.

First time car insurance for windscreen chip-spotters

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