insurethebox has a new approach to car insurance.

This new concept is simple, we fit a clever little telematics device, known as a black box (slightly bigger than a mobile phone), to your car. This box allows us to work out how safely you drive, by providing the following information:

  • The time of day or night you drive
  • The speed you drive at on different sorts of road
  • If you brake or accelerate sharply
  • If you take breaks on long journeys
  • Your motorway miles
  • Your total mileage
  • The total number of journeys you make

The box can also help us locate your car if it’s stolen, and alert us when you have an accident, if it senses a strong impact on the car.


New Drivers

New drivers of any age can benefit from choosing insurethebox for their car insurance. Most traditional car insurers will give you a discount based on your No Claim Discount – but what if you haven’t earned one yet, or you only have a year or two? At insurethebox we don’t just rely on No Claim Discount. The box that we fit to your car tells us exactly what sort of driver you are, so when you come to renew we can give you a personalised price.


Younger Drivers


Conventional car insurance assesses drivers based on a number of factors which are used to reflect their potential driving behaviour. Typically, the insurer is anticipating a driving experience based on higher than average claims made by younger drivers. They cannot assess the driving ability of the driver from details given at quote time, however, insurethebox has used its expertise to assess how younger drivers, who do a low annual mileage, may save significantly on their young driver car insurance by having a black box fitted.

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Low Mileage Drivers

The lower the mileage, the cheaper the car insurance – when you take out a policy with insurethebox you select the number of Policy Miles you expect to drive in a year and the black box monitors exactly how many miles you have driven. Should you need additional miles you can buy Top Ups. Top Up Miles can be bought in bundles of 250, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 miles. If you buy more Top Up Miles than you need in your first year with insurethebox, don’t worry, you can roll them over to the following year.


Safe Drivers

If you’re a really safe driver then you’ve come to the right place. Safe driving is right at the heart of everything we do at insurethebox. When you buy your policy with us we start rewarding you straight away, by giving you up to 100 Bonus Miles per month for safe driving. Then when you come to renew your policy, we’ll use your Bonus Miles scores from throughout the year to help calculate your price, so if you’ve driven safely you could get a lower renewal quote.


We can reward you with additional miles

The black box sends us information about your driving which we feed into your personalised online Portal. This helps you see how you can improve your driving and earn more Bonus Miles. It also shows you how many miles you’ve driven as well as details on individual journeys.


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