Car insurance for young driver policies may be expensive and are generally priced to reflect the applicant’s inexperience. However, with insurethebox telematics cover a motorist may see a reduction in cost of their premium if they drive safely.

While some drivers may expect hazards to occur from other road users, they should be aware of all potential risks to themselves, their passengers, and their vehicle.

Figures from a study, conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) in 2011, showed 30% of drivers had their cars damaged by potholes. The report also showed 16% of those surveyed suffered a traffic accident or had seen someone crash because of a pothole.

Potholes can be dangerous, so, insurethebox has put together a guide on how to avoid pothole-related vehicle damage and potential accidents.

How to safely deal with potholes

Potholes may cause damage to cars or make a driver lose control of his or her vehicle. The resulting repairs may lead to a motorist making a claim with their car insurance provider.

To prevent pothole accidents, a motorist should remain vigilant and keep an eye out for these hazards – particularly if they are driving on poorly maintained roads or on surfaces which are frequently used by large vehicles which inflict high pressure on the roadway.

Driving at speed may also increase the amount of damage a pothole can cause to a vehicle, so motorists should adjust their speeds accordingly to reflect the condition of a road surface.

If a motorist observes a pothole, he or she should:

  • Slow down if necessary, but be aware of potential hazards in their rear view mirror;
  • Not pull out or swerve suddenly as this could be dangerous to other road users;

After hitting a pothole, the driver should stop the vehicle safely and:

  • Check the inner and outer tyre wall for damage;
  • Collect witness statements and, if possible, photographic evidence; and
  • Report the pothole to the appropriate authorities.

Reporting a pothole

Road maintenance typically falls under the jurisdiction of either the Highways Authority or a local council. However, these organisations cannot know the location of every pothole as soon as one occurs and they should, therefore, be informed of these hazards.

To report a pothole, a driver should first stop in a safe location and:

  • Note the exact location;
  • State the approximate size and depth; and
  • Take a picture of the pothole, but only if it is safe to do so.

Potholes can cause a variety of damage to cars, such as axle or suspension failure. If a vehicle needs repairs after hitting one of these hazards, the owner may want to consider making a claim with the appropriate authority responsible for maintaining the road.

Car insurance with insurethebox

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