All young driver insurance holders are likely to be well aware that observing the road around them is potentially the most important safety measure when behind the wheel.

However, it might be easy to forget that in different types of weather the vehicles and pedestrians around them may behave in unusual ways, so new drivers must train themselves to attempt to foresee potential events which could lead to an accident, while experienced drivers should already be well aware of the necessity for good anticipation during adverse weather conditions.

Now, obviously, we’re not saying that a person can predict the future (although maybe some can). What we’re saying is that by carefully observing and remembering how people generally behave in certain weather, a motorist can begin to counteract any risk of a collision with them by anticipating how events might unfold.

Anticipation on the road

In torrential rain, pedestrians tend to be in a rush to get under some cover and often hold their head down to try and protect themselves from the downpour. This might mean – especially if they are a young child – that they run across the road towards shelter without looking for oncoming traffic.

Armed with this knowledge of how a pedestrian may act when in torrential rain, a driver should remember to slow down in built up areas so that they have more time to react if a person enters the road unexpectedly.

Another instance in which a motorist could anticipate a potential accident, and avoid it if the hazard develops, is when approaching a cyclist in windy weather.

In heavy winds, someone on a bicycle may have difficulty in keeping their bike straight, and could also fall onto the road if they are caught off guard by a particularly powerful gust.

Understanding the difficulties of riding a bike in the wind should enable a road user to take extra care when driving behind the cyclist or overtaking them. A rider should be given more room so that, in the event that they swerve of fall from their bike, the motorist has more time to brake or otherwise avoid colliding with them.


Young driver insurance and predicting behind the wheel

Seeing a potential hazard developing and taking action to avoid being in an accident is one of the marks of a safe and considerate driver.

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