Many people will want to undertake a road trip once they have passed their practical driving test, purchased a vehicle, and found car insurance for new drivers.

However, a 2012 survey undertaken by a provider of vehicle cover and market research company Populus, found that 23% of the 14,000 young driver car insurance policyholders surveyed had been involved in a road traffic accident within the first six months of their driving career.

So, as eager as a new motorist may be to go exploring, a road trip should not be rushed into and requires preparation so that the journey can be completed without incident.


Checking the car

Before setting off on a journey it is important that the vehicle is checked over for faults. A driver should make sure that:

  • All the lights are working;
  • The registration plate, lights and windows are clean;
  • The car has enough coolant, fuel, screen wash and oil (plus antifreeze in the winter);
  • Windscreen wiper blades are not worn out; and
  • Tyre treads are a safe depth and there are no cracks or bumps in the tyres.


Items to have in the car and boot

Although regular maintenance of a car should reduce the risk of breakdown, it is important to be prepared for the possibility of being stuck on a roadside waiting for professional assistance.

Any items which a driver could usefully have to hand before exiting their car, for example a torch for night time breakdowns, should be kept in the glove compartment or secured where they will not present an injury risk during a collision.

Motorists may find it useful to keep the following items in their car or boot:

  • A wind up torch, or torch with spare batteries;
  • A blanket;
  • A high visibility vest or jacket;
  • A spare bottle of screen wash;
  • Ready-to-eat food and drink;
  • A spare tyre;
  • A fully charged mobile phone; and
  • A warning triangle.

It is unlikely that a motorist will need all of these items during a breakdown, but it never hurts to be prepared. All of these items could help make the wait for assistance more comfortable, and, depending on the weather conditions and the season, could save a road user’s life.


Car insurance for new drivers

If you are a safe and considerate motorist, who doesn’t take off on a road trip without having taken safety precautions and made sure their car is roadworthy beforehand, you could save money with an insurethebox policy.

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