So, you’ve taken out cover with us because you’re a low mileage young driver, you want to save money, and whether or not you’re employed, unemployed or a student, car insurance is a legal requirement.

You are wise beyond your new motorist years.

However, some policy holders sometimes feel they’re not making the most of the benefits of having insurethebox cover.


A scenario

You’ve been with us a whole year and you’ve driven less than your total Policy Miles. Congratulations! However, you’re annoyed because you haven’t been able to use the Bonus Miles you’ve accrued every month, since you just haven’t needed them.

Don’t worry! Here are some important things to remember:

  • By consistently earning Bonus Miles you’re showing us that you’re a safe and considerate driver and this is very likely to mean that on renewal your annual premium is going to be really competitive and in some cases could reduce in price – whether you use the extra miles or not we still recognise you as a great car insurance customer to have on board;
  • You’ll probably always have spare miles accrued just in case you suddenly have to do more driving about than usual;
  • The Bonus Miles you earn are rolled over to the following year (for one year only) so they’re not lost or wasted, they’re just waiting for you to need them.


Earning Bonus Miles

Driving in a safe and considerate way on the roads – at times and on areas of the highway network which are not considered high risk – can earn you up to 100 Bonus Miles every month.

This means that if you manage to earn your full 100 Bonus Miles every month of your policy you’ll collect an extra 1,200 miles worth of cover every year – that’s enough to travel from Plymouth in Cornwall to Dundee in Scotland and back (as long as you use a fairly direct route, that is)!


Taking out a student car insurance policy

If you’ve read this and don’t have a policy with insurethebox, why not get a quote to see if you’d like to switch over to us when you renew!

[su_itbbuttons link=”” color=”green-btn”]Get a quote[/su_itbbuttons] and see how much you could save on cover with us as a young job-seeker, worker or student. Car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive!

For more information about car insurance for students, young drivers and first time motorists, please click here.