When you are a student, car insurance during college or university years is essential if you want to drive legally.

Once you have a car you can not only get to your lessons and lectures on time, but you can also make the most of your freedom and explore your surrounding area more easily.

If you have decided to stay at home during your college or university career, then having your car fully covered by an insurer who caters for new motorists can be a really important money saving tool. You may have chosen to live at home a for a few more years – but you will still want to escape when you feel like it, meet friends and go further afield occasionally for days out.

For those of you who have broken away and picked somewhere brand new for further education, your vehicle is likely to be close to your heart.

It’s often much easier to throw some clothes in a suitcase and into the boot of your car for a weekend at home, than packing a bag walking to the railway station and dragging it onto a train with you.

Of course, both road and rail users can suffer delays, but in your car you can make yourself comfortable and put a CD or the radio on – instead of listening (in an increasingly stuffy carriage) to other rail passengers complaining that they’ve been stood up for half an hour and that they’ve missed their connection.

As well as being more comfortable in your own vehicle, you can always research road congestion ahead of your journey and keep track of it on the radio when behind the wheel. With trains on the other hand, sudden delays could take place after online services previously told you all was well – and, once you’re on a delayed train, you’re stuck and likely to miss connections too…


Finding great car insurance for students

If you’re heading to college or university then insurethebox could be saving you money on your annual premium.

Our cover is ideal for young drivers and low mileage motorists, so get a quote online, or call us on 0333 123 1308. If you are a student, car insurance for your journey into further education is just a click away.