Black box at no extra cost

When you buy an insurethebox policy we fit a black box to your car at no extra cost. This allows us to measure your miles and find out how safely you drive. If you demonstrate that you are a safe driver we can reward you with monthly Bonus Miles and a potential discount at renewal.


No curfews or fines

Unlike some black box insurers we only reward safe driving – we don’t enforce curfews and we don’t fine you for bad driving. Providing your details stay the same, your premium is fixed for the year.


Safe driving rewards

If you drive safely you can earn extra miles each month – these are called Bonus Miles and you can earn up to 100 a month: up to 1,200 a year.

At renewal we take into account various factors including how safely you have driven during the year. If you have consistently shown safe driving behaviour you could get a discount on your renewal price.


Online Portal

Every insurethebox policyholder gets a personalised online Portal. This is where you can see a summary of your miles and driving information, see your Bonus Miles score, renew your policy, view and print your documents, buy Top Up Miles and talk to us on Live Chat.


Accident Alert

Every insurethebox policy includes Accident Alert at no extra cost – so we can help you when you really need it.

The black box fitted to your car can sense a strong impact on the car. When this happens, an alarm is activated in our Service Centre. If your car is stationary, we will try to call you to check you are OK and try to help you get going. If your car is moving we will assume you do not require urgent assistance.

If we can’t get in contact and your car is not moving we will assess all the circumstances relating to the incident. If appropriate, we will attempt to contact the emergency services.

Please note: you should still attempt to contact the emergency services yourself if it is necessary and you are able to. You must also still notify us of any incident.


Theft recovery

The black box can track the location of your car. In the unfortunate event of your car being stolen, we can help locate it.

Please inform the local police to get a crime reference number, then contact our claims department on 0333 103 0030.


Uninsured Loss Protection

If you choose insurethebox your policy will include cover for legal expenses up to £100,000 to claim back losses, not covered by your policy, from someone who has caused an accident resulting in your injury or damage to your car.

If you choose to make a legal costs claim our provider will appoint a solicitor, or one of their agents, to handle your case. They will seek to:

  • Obtain compensation from the person responsible if you or your passengers have been injured
  • Claim back other losses such as replacement vehicle hire costs, travelling expenses, loss of earnings or damage to personal effects

To make a claim, please call the insurethebox claims helpline on 0333 103 0030.

Uninsured Loss Protection is provided by Brit Syndicate 2987 at Lloyd’s, managed by Brit Syndicates Limited. ARAG plc administers this policy on their behalf.


Dedicated 24-hour UK claims line

You can make a new claim at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call us on 0333 103 0030.