Although both men and women may struggle to find a reasonable car insurance quote, a report reflects that women may take longer to be eligible for full licence car insurance as they are more likely to fail a test because of faults with their parking.

According to figures released by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), nearly a third of the 170,000 women who didn’t pass their driving test in 2010 failed on the parallel parking manoeuvre.

Researchers at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany have further illustrated these statistics by carrying out a study in which 65 volunteer drivers parked the same £23,000 Audi. The report revealed that the women took up to 20 seconds longer to park than the men.

However, young male drivers also seem to have difficulties with learning the ways of the roads.

Almost 40,000 men failed their DSA test last year due to moving off too fast, while another 30,500 didn’t pass because they jumped traffic lights.

Holders of both men’s and women’s car insurance seem to forget to check both sides of the road thoroughly when waiting to pull out of a junction which was reported to be a very common mistake by both sexes.

The report reveals that women are likely to have to wait longer to find a car insurance quote as they have an average of 52 hours of driving lessons before passing their test compared to an average of 36 hours for men.

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