Sorting out first time car insurance is often a priority for young motorists after they have passed their practical driving test – only once a suitable car insurance policy has been taken out can a new driver begin to explore the roads on their own.

Driving solo is an entirely different experience to learning in the company of an instructor, and some motorists may find it slightly daunting to begin with, especially when they travel to places which they aren’t particularly familiar with.

As long as young motorists continue to abide by the rules of the road, and use their common sense, they shouldn’t have any problems when they start to drive without supervision. However, whenever a motorist feels unsure on a road, they should treat it with caution before they proceed.


Sharp bends

Many roads in the UK contain sharp bends – these are usually signposted to drivers or marked with chevrons. Drivers should slow down when they approach a bend or they face the risk of losing control of their car and endangering the lives of both themselves and other road users.

Regardless of how familiar a driver may be with certain roads, they should not attempt to speed round sharp bends. Lack of visibility means that it is impossible for motorists to know what lies around the corner, and slippery road conditions may even cause the vehicle to swerve.


Narrow bridges

In the case that a motorist is approaching a narrow, high-humped bridge and the other side isn’t visible, the motorist should sound their horn to ensure that any oncoming motorists are aware of their presence.


Narrow roads

Some rural roads are single track only and contain passing points for when vehicles travelling in opposite directions need to pass each other. These roads are too narrow to accommodate two oncoming vehicles at the same time, and when a motorist is faced with another car, they should pull into the nearest passing point until the other vehicle has passed. Sometimes these manoeuvres may involve reversing – drivers are reminded to use their mirrors and drive slowly until they are in a safe passing spot.


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