It is likely that as a young driver car insurance holder, or perhaps as someone who has recently entered the market for new driver car insurance, you are well aware that it is very dangerous, and illegal, to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

However, you may not be entirely aware of the reasons why driving under the influence is such a hazardous and selfish offence.

Drink driving

The maximum breath alcohol level allowed for motorists is 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath, and the maximum blood alcohol level allowed is 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood.*

One glass of wine or one pint of beer, for instance, will affect each person differently, so if you are planning to get behind the wheel of your car, the best policy is always not to drink any alcohol at all.

When alcohol is present in the body, a motorist can gain a sense of self-confidence which is not conducive to safe driving. Furthermore, alcohol can slow a driver’s reactions, reduce coordination and affect judgement of speeds and distances.

Altogether, these effects can turn someone who is normally a safe and conscientious motorist into a dangerous driver who could cause a serious injury to themselves and others, as well as potentially causing a fatality.

If you wish to drink alcohol while on a night out make sure that one member of your group has been named, and is aware that they have been named, designated driver for the evening. If you are in any doubt as to whether you should travel in a car with a driver who may have been drinking alcohol, the safest bet is always to call a taxi, take a bus or train, or call a (sober) parent or sibling to collect you.

Drug driving

According to guidance given in the Highway Code the effects of drugs on an driver can be more severe than those relating to alcohol.

Not only is it important never to drive under the influence of illegal drugs but it is also very important to read the instructions on any pharmaceutical product, prescribed or otherwise, to make sure that it will not affect your motoring.

If you are unsure as to whether a medicine will affect you, it is always best to ask your GP or, alternatively, pharmacists should be fully aware of the possible side-effects of the products they are selling.

There is such a variety of medicinal drugs and illegal products available that their effects on motoring can differ immensely depending on what has been taken, but can range from loss of spatial awareness to hallucinations and blackout. As previously mentioned, however, the best policy is not to take any substance which could negatively affect your driving ability.

Finding young driver car insurance

insurethebox wants its drivers to always drive safely and aims to help as much as possible by offering driving hints and tips having analysed the telematics data gathered as part of the insurance policy.

The black box fitted to your car cannot tell us whether you have been drinking alcohol or have taken drugs but it will be able to detect any major changes in your driving style if it is affected by illegal substances.

If you are newly in the market for car insurance, or are currently looking for a better deal, then contact insurethebox on 0333 123 1308 or click the get a quote button to see if telematics car insurance could help you to save money on your young driver car insurance.
*According to Highway Code as at June 2011