Motorists between the ages of 17 and 25 may feel unfairly persecuted. Seemingly every week, an organisation is calling for tighter controls in order to prevent young drivers from being involved in traffic accidents. Various measures have already been proposed, such as night-time bans, preventing younger motorists from transporting certain passengers, or urging them to undertake additional training.

Unfortunately, statistically speaking, young drivers are more likely to suffer a collision than older motorists. According to research conducted by road safety charity Brake, approximately 20% of drivers suffer an accident within six months of acquiring their full licence. Moreover, if a motorist is 18 years old, they are around three times more likely to crash than a driver who is 48 years old.


Who is concerned?

As motorists under the age of 25 are statistically more likely to suffer a collision than older road users, they may receive an expensive quote when shopping for young drivers car insurance. Sometimes, this figure can reach thousands of pounds – possibly pricing motorists off the road or dissuading them from learning how to drive.

It seems many individuals regard young drivers as a group prone to taking risks, disobeying the rules of the road, or failing to anticipate hazards, but do young drivers deserve this reputation?

In 2013, a provider of telematics car insurance published the results of a survey which revealed that 98% of respondents between the ages of 17 and 25 believed they were good or average motorists, while 67% of young male road users felt they drove well.

However, although they may have had confidence in their abilities, 83% also believed they could improve their motoring skills. Consequently, these individuals may be able to benefit from an insurethebox car insurance policy.


Our vision on young drivers car insurance

At insurethebox, we realise that not all young drivers are irresponsible road users – and it is unfair to tar an entire age group with the same brush. We want to help these individuals reduce their premiums at renewal, as well as offering them lower-cost quotes from the outset – and also want to help them become safer motorists.

We use a clever device, called a black box, to monitor various aspects of an individual’s driving abilities, but we also provide feedback through their personalised customer Portal. Providing he or she follows this advice, they may become a safer motorist and could save money on the cost of their policy.

In fact, our research shows that after being with insurethebox for eleven months, motorists between the ages of 17 and 21 are 75% less likely to cause a traffic accident – and all age groups demonstrated improved motoring skills.

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