Holders of new driver car insurance will already know the importance of driving responsibly and safely, and it is equally important to ensure that cars are parked safely when they’re not in use.

When parking at a supermarket it may seem tempting to drive into a space so that it is easiy to access boot and put in groceries. However, reversing into a space can have some advantages of its own.

Not having to reverse out of a space improves visibility for the driver and they won’t run the risk of reversing into a moving flow of traffic – a car is also easier to control when it is moving forwards.

Although reports from the Home Office state that car crime has dropped by 61% since an all time high in 1995, car related thefts still need to be prevented.

Reverse parking a car close to a wall is a good deterrent against thieves aiming to break into the car’s boot
Surveys have also revealed that parked cars which have immobilisers are around ten times safer than parked cars without.

At night, garages are the safest place to park cars, however, if this is not an option, a well lit parking space which is passed by plenty of traffic should be enough to discourage thieves.

Guarded or police-approved car parks are also good places to park, as well as spots within view of CCTV cameras. When parked, a car should have all valuables removed or hidden, have all doors locked and have any car alarms set.

Drivers should also be careful to obey any particular parking regulations when they park their vehicle. Parking in the wrong place or failing to display evidence of payment can result in drivers receiving a fine, having their car clamped, or even towed.

There are various reasons why a driver can be issued a parking ticket, whether by a Police-employed traffic warden, a parking attendant employed by the council or an attendant employed to patrol a private car park.

To avoid having to pay a parking fine, drivers should carefully read any signs, pay and display when necessary and clearly show any exemption notices such as disabled or resident’s l badges.

By parking safely and securely, drivers reduce the risk of encountering any problems when they return to their car.

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