You’ve passed your theory test, you’ve passed your practical driving test, your provisional licence has gone to DVLA and you’re waiting for your nice, shiny, full driving licence – but, you still have one more challenge: to find new driver car insurance at a good price.

Once you’ve got over the initial joy and self-satisfaction at the realisation that you are free to drive on your own at last and that you are fully qualified, there are a number of things to get sorted.


1 – Take a Pass Plus course

These courses are established training programmes designed by the Driving Standards Agency to help drivers, especially those who have just passed their test, to gain experience of different driving conditions which they may not have encountered while learning to drive.

Young drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident within the first two years of having passed their test and a Pass Plus course can really help build up a new driver’s ability and confidence in handling hazardous situations.


2 – Get your new driver car insurance sorted with insurethebox

Like many insurers, insurethebox will give a discount to drivers who have passed a Pass Plus course. However, insurethebox’s brand of telematics insurance is able to offer really good deals for lots of young and new drivers, with many finding they can save hundreds of pounds on cover.

An insurethebox policy comes with a set number of miles of cover and offers good drivers the ability to earn up to 100 Bonus Miles each month by driving safely. The telematics device which is fitted to the policy holder’s car at the outset of the policy records data about how the car is being driven, so that he or she can go onto their exclusive web portal to see exactly how far they have driven, how fast they have driven, what time of day they are driving and other items such as data relating to acceleration and braking.

Plus, the telematics box also acts as a theft tracking and accident alert device to give drivers, and possibly their parents too, that added extra peace of mind when they are out and about.

3 – Throw away your Learner plates and celebrate

Of course we don’t necessarily mean you should go out and party, unless of course you have a designated driver willing to drive you and your celebrating friends home after a night on the town, but you can definitely experiment with fun ways of disposing of those laborious “L” plates, and you may have a special journey you wish to make – all by yourself. It’s a great feeling!

Try insurethebox today for new driver car insurance

It’s really simple to organise, so why not click on the button today to get a car insurance quote with insurethebox.

You don’t have to wait until the telematics box is fitted to be able to drive your car because the box will be put in at a time to suit you and you will be covered as soon as you accept the quote and payment is arranged. You will even be able to get your new driver car insurance documents via the internet, so you can print them out immediately and drive off into the sunset…or to the beach…or to your Granny’s house – it’s entirely up to you.