As a new driver car insurance holder you may not yet be aware of all the warning signs of when a car needs maintenance, and one vehicle problem you should be vigilant for is a leaking exhaust.

There are two symptoms which typically present themselves when there is something wrong with your car’s exhaust. Firstly, your vehicle is likely to start making hissing or popping sounds when the engine is running, and secondly, you may notice a pool of liquid under your car.

If you are aware of either strange engine noises or leaking under your vehicle, you should take your car to a reputable garage. If your exhaust is leaking then it could be very dangerous for you and any passengers in the car, since carbon monoxide gas may be entering the vehicle.

Carbon monoxide is not only poisonous but it is also colourless and odourless which makes it even more of a hazard because it is so hard to detect, hence its name –the silent killer.

For a healthy adult, when levels of carbon monoxide in the air are greater than 35ppm (parts per million) it starts to become toxic, and individuals with car insurance for young drivers may be effected even faster.

In a car the levels of concentration of the gas can quickly exceed 35ppm. If levels rise to between 200ppm and 800ppm, depending on their stature and health, occupants may experience dizziness, headaches and nausea within one hour and exposure to these levels of carbon monoxide for two hours could render someone unconscious.

If levels reach 800ppm a person could become unconscious, suffer brain damage and even die in as little as three minutes.

For this reason it is always important to take your vehicle to a garage as soon as possible if you believe that something may be wrong with your exhaust. It might cost you money to repair the fault, but it could save your life and the lives of others in the process.

New driver car insurance and carbon monoxide safety

Safety warnings for new drivers usually concentrate on motoring skills and being considerate on the roads. There is no doubt that this helps individuals stay safe and reduces the possibility of car crashes, but carbon monoxide is a danger that road users should also be aware of.

If you take care and pride in being a safe driver and looking after yourself, your passengers, and other motorists when you are behind the wheel, then we could save you money on your annual premium.

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