Mini roundabouts can be quite difficult to manoeuvre around and, depending on the shape of the road surrounding it, you may have to partly drive over it to get to your exit without swinging about dangerously.

Before becoming a young driver car insurance holder you are likely to have encountered this scenario during your driving lessons and perhaps even during a practical driving test, but one situation you may not yet have experienced is a mini roundabout deadlock.

This occurs when drivers approach the roundabout at the same time and all reach the ends of their roads simultaneously, stopping at the line to let the person to their right enter the system.

This can be a problem because all the drivers are waiting for the road user on their right to go – so no one goes.

It is a mark of careful and considerate drivers that sometimes we reach a stalemate because everyone’s being polite and following the rules of the road.

However, the only way to get out of this state of affairs is to decide to take the initiative and move off, otherwise you’ll all be waiting for each other to enter the roundabout forever.

This doesn’t mean that you can slam your foot down and enter the mini roundabout blindly ignoring the motorists on the other exits. Another driver might decide to go at the same time as you, and, since on a mini roundabout you’re all in such close proximity to one another, this could result in an accident which could lead to an increase in the cost of your new driver car insurance premium.

So, proceed with caution and if you can make eye contact with the other waiting road users to communicate your intentions, this could help you get the traffic running smoothly again without incident.


Young driver car insurance for mini roundabout deadlock breakers

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