Whether you are a new motorist and have only just got young driver car insurance or are a more experienced road user who has been driving for many years, it is important to keep pedestrian crossing rules fresh in your mind.

All road users must be careful not to park or stop on a pedestrian crossing. This rule applies to all types of crossing, and aims to prevent the crossing from being blocked.

Another important thing to remember is to never overtake a vehicle which has stopped near a crossing. The driver is very likely to be giving way to pedestrians and unless it becomes completely clear that they have stopped for a different reason, and that the crossing is empty and not about to be used, then motorists behind the stopped car should wait patiently.

It is courteous to allow pedestrians plenty of time to get to the other side of the road without shouting at them to hurry up, revving the vehicle’s engine, or edging the car forward.

Elderly or disabled individuals may need more time to cross due to reduced mobility, and children and babies might drop toys which a parent needs to pick up. Road users should be patient and considerate, even if the traffic lights have changed to green.

Some different types of crossings have rules which only apply to them. Experienced motorists and new driver car insurance holders should re-read the section of the Highway Code which covers zebra, pelican, toucan, puffin, and equestrian crossings.

Some crossings are signal controlled and others are not, so for the safety of the driver, other motorists, and pedestrians, road users should re-familiarise themselves with the rules to make sure that they do not cause an accident.


Young driver car insurance for motorists who wait patiently at crossings

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