Buying comprehensive young driver car insurance is a big thing: it means you can legally drive on UK roads; you, your car and other road users will be covered in the event of an accident; but most notably for young and inexperienced motorists – it’s usually a big chunk of money.

Wouldn’t it be good if your young driver car insurance did a little bit more? How about if it offered you advice and help on how to drive more safely? Rewards for good driving would be nice too and joining a car insurance company who you can stick with for more than one year and still get a great deal on young driver motor cover is another thing you’re probably hoping for.

Well, insurethebox private car policies tick all those boxes and more.


insurethebox – helping you to drive more safely

First things first – when you join insurethebox you select how many Policy Miles you expect to drive in a year and a telematics device is fitted to your car to count the number of miles you drive. We fit the box once you’ve paid for your Policy Miles and if you need more miles of driving you simply buy Top Up Miles– just like you would top up a pay-as-you-go mobile phone.

One of the most significant things about the telematics device, the black box, is that as well as counting your miles it also sends us all sorts of information about how you drive. At our technical centre we turn the telematics data into an evaluation of your driving and then put all that information into an easy to understand format which you can see by logging into your insurethebox customer portal.

Once we can see your driving trends and habits we will offer you handy tips and advice on what you can do to become a more positive driver and we’ll even give you Bonus Miles for good driving.

These bonuses will be added to your Policy Miles, so if you need to drive a bit further you will have earned some or all of the extra miles without having to top up.


Customer loyalty is something we strive for

When you’ve had your young driver car insurance for a year you will have to renew it. Most car insurance companies will send you a renewal quote which will have become more expensive – even your one year no-claims bonus probably won’t make it cheaper. What most people do at this point is shop around for another quote which is lower.

Here at insurethebox, as we have been able to monitor your driving, if you are a careful driver we will be able to calculate your renewal private car policy taking this into account and we aim to make your quote as low as we can.

Also, if you have earned more Bonus Miles than you needed in the previous year you will be able to roll them over to your new policy.

So, we believe that you will want to keep driving with us and we’ll save you the hassle of trying to find cheap car insurance elsewhere.


insurethebox young driver car insurance – the difference is big

If you want a young driver car insurance quote which offers a very different way to keep you covered, then insurethebox is the insurance company for you.

Simply click get a quote, we can complete the whole transaction quickly and effortlessly, with the minimum of fuss and we will organise the box fitting as soon as possible – in the meantime, you will be covered from the moment you want your policy to start.

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