However experienced a driver is, and whatever their age, it’s only natural to want to find ways of making driving cheaper. Car insurance comparison sites, such as Tiger, are a useful tool in this search and insurance firms which use telematics technology like insurethebox can offer great quotes on cover to help drivers save money.

Once drivers have their great car insurance quote though, there are other ways in which they can continue to keep driving costs as low as possible. Often, a change in driving habits will help save money.

insurethebox helps drivers to drive more safely by analysing their road behaviour using telematics technology. Once insured, a black box is fitted to their car which shows them how they drive and how they can improve via Your Portal.

For example, by reducing harsh braking and acceleration a car’s petrol will last longer, as will its brakes and tyres.

It’s not only the way in which someone drives which could cost them more than it should, but what they carry about in their vehicle may also be having repercussions.

If a driver carries unnecessary items in the car’s boot, or on seats, perhaps even in a roof box, the extra weight could lead to having to buy petrol more often.

Plus, overloading a vehicle or carrying items around when they could be left at home, may lead to suspension damage, might help burn out the clutch more quickly, and could even cause punctures or uneven wear on tyres.

All of this adds up to a larger garage repair bill, and no one needs that.

By unloading unnecessary items from a vehicle, road users could have more money to spend on themselves.

Car insurance with insurethebox

With insurethebox, we reward you for positive driving and help you to improve so that you can earn Bonus Miles and the chance to save at renewal.

To see how much you could be saving,┬ásimply click get a quote. We can complete the whole transaction quickly, effortlessly and with the minimum of fuss and we will organise the box fitting as soon as possible – in the meantime, you will be covered from the moment you want your policy to start.

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