When you’re learning to drive and facing the prospect of tests, finding young driver car insurance, then finally getting out onto the open road all by yourself, it may all seem pretty daunting – exciting, but daunting!

With all these things to think about it would be easy to forget that driving carries many risks and that it is only by practising safe driving techniques that you will you stay out of danger on the roads. Plus, there are all sorts of road laws to think about such as motorway rules and vehicle taxing stipulations. All in all, there’s a lot to consider when you finally get your new driver licence.

Here at insurethebox our message is clear – safe driving is paramount – and we reward safe drivers because we believe it is a much better way of persuading drivers to behave positively on the road than by penalising them.

We believe that doing our utmost to convey the road safety message is our responsibility and, ultimately, the more positively people drive, the better car insurance quotes we can give. The fact that the roads could become a safer place for all drivers hasn’t slipped our notice either.

However, we understand that new drivers and young drivers are inexperienced and instead of just tarring them all with the same brush and writing them off as boy or girl racers, we believe we should go that extra mile to help them gain all the road knowledge they will ever need.

To this end, we have compiled some useful articles for all motorists, regardless of whether they are new drivers or old-hands behind the wheel. There’s information and advice on specific driving situations such as pedestrian crossings and mini roundabouts, plus information on certain legalities of being a car driver such as the law and vehicle tax, parking regulations and how to recognise the appropriate speed limit for a road you are driving on, even when there are no signs present.

We hope you find them useful. For further information on insurethebox car insurance please feel free to browse through our website and if you really just want to know how much it would cost to get young driver car insurance with us, then click on the Get a Quote button now.